Franchise Information:-


DIITAL (DIIT ADVANCEMENT OF LEARNING) is a unit of DIITAL EDUCATION LLP registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. Of India, Registration No. AAP-3334.

DIITAL EDUCATION LLP Is registered Under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt. Of India), It's Work for Rural Skill Development Basically Computer Education and Communicative Skill Development. Also we providing DR CV RAMAN UNIVERSITY COURSE Under AISECT LTD. Our Certificate Is Valid In All Over India. We Deals In Computer Basic Education To Advance Computer Education And Specialization In Various Topic, School Computer Education, Government Project. We Provide Education Within The Rural Student Financial Limits.

DIITAL EDUCATION is a unique computer Learning Platform. It was established in 2019 and working on sole proprietorship, DIITAL education is a leading educational company in technical education. We offer more exceptional education and training courses which are integrated with a global level revolution in technology. We believe in doubtless education for a bigger innovation, that’s why we have designed our course syllabus and structure of learning by our professional team members. We are constantly updating our system for a better education.

Startup India - DIITAL is registered under Govt. Of India startup India scheme, with the object of providing education and skill development and supporting entrepreneur’s service, support to youth for creators instead of Job speaker. These programs are managed by a dedicated startup India term. Which reports to the department for industrial policy and promotion (DPIIT).

Startup Odisha - DIITAL is recognized under Govt. Of Odisha as a StartUp under The Odisha StartUp Policy – 2016, with the object of providing education and skill development and supporting entrepreneur’s service, support to youth for creators instead of Job speaker. Which Authorized by Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Govt. of Odisha (IED-Odisha).

Trademark – DIITAL is Registered Trademark with Trademark Registry, Govt. Of India. Trademark Registration Number 4508973.

ISO 9001.2015 ROHS Certification Pvt. Ltd is established as an independent certification with its main objective to safeguard life, property and environment through quality assurance and total quality management. ROHS Certification Pvt. Ltd is An ISO Certification Body Accredited by EIAC (Formally Known as DAC). Our registration Certificate Number is 20DQHC34 award by ROHS Certification Pvt. Ltd.


  • AESA – Asian Exercise and Sport Science Association.
  • NITTSD – National Institute for Technical Training & Skill Development.
  • AICTSD – All India Council for Technical Skill Development.
  • AISECT – All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology.

We are registered with:-

  • Central Vigilance Commission of the Government of India. Regd. No: - 377364289.
  • Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology India Having Regd. No: - 6592445922.
  • National Career Service, Having Regd. No: - S15C84-1901424230662.
  • Intellectual Property India Regd. No: - 2629617.
  • Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship India Having Regd. No: - 2295382924.
  • National Human Rights Commission India Having Regd. No: - 4698547466.
  • National Commission for Women India Having Regd. No: - 5732645937.
  • Ministry of MSME Having Regd. No: - UDYAM-OD-24-0000066.

Franchise process:-

Institutions interested in getting more information about our curriculum and new franchise process can apply to us online or offline.

We will assign the responsibility to a person by explaining the various aspects including the legal angle. Upon successful and satisfactory verification of all information and completion of the documentation process we will authorize you to promote our course in the new institution.

Before we approve an institution to conduct a course designed by us, we ensure that the institution adheres to a basic principle; For example we ensure that your institution has an infrastructure; Medium of instruction is English, with Ordinance or regional languages; Personnel must be qualified and trained in accordance with specific regulations.

Registration / Renewal Fee Details

Particulars                                              Amount                          Deception  Note

Registration Fee                                     Rs/-5000.00                  with all tax Life Time

Renewal Fee                                             Rs/-2360.00                  with all tax every year 31-March


Candidate Verification Center (CVC)

Based on the certificate issued by DIITAL, any private or public sector organization can verify the Certificate of candidates online in real time from our website by typing the Aadhar number of the candidate and date of birth of the students. If it is a genuine document awarded by DIITAL, all the information about the candidate will appear on the screen within seconds.